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Transformational Services

A simple action is worth more than a hundred words. And our transformation services are aimed at making it happen at our clients ends.

Looking beyond advisory, the transformation services we offer are unique.

Depending on the management mandate, Consulting Connoisseurs and the client jointly evolve the delivery mode that would be ideal for an organization.

Using our flexible matrix of delivery modes, a multitude of combinations can be obtained for any given corporate situation.

Our transformation services are designed using our special criteria of delivery models. The appropriate choice of the combination depends on various factors like:

While we do blanket transformation services, which is our Forte, we also provide advisory services for transforming businesses.

Consulting Connoisseurs helps clients get the most of their implementation. So, following the identification of the implementation agency(a third party in this case), Consulting Connoisseurs provide implementation assistance by providing clients the required know-how and management assistance to ensure that the business needs are fulfilled. Consulting Connoisseurs, therefore, help identify the coordination needs between the client and the implementation agency. This includes channelizing, scoping, selecting, administering, monitoring and controlling the implementation in addition to specialized requests on a task-basis like As-Is vs. Should Be and Change Management.