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Our Unique Development Paradigms

Traditional Training has been completely displaced today in progressive companies. The trend has moved towards developmental programs that are more focussed at delivering results.

Further, companies are now preferring to hire experts to setup new departments before formalizing and operationalizing them. That's right, modern business houses have a very progressive approach that helps them lower risks and costs and, at the same time, accelerate the path to deliver results.

 Organizational Development

For clients who need a special vehicle to realize their strategic objective, organizational development services are useful to ensure the institutionalization of such strategic and specific development initiatives. T hese could range from developing departments, centers of excellence within organizations or even making the current organizational machinery more effective .

These services also extend beyond the organization where an integrated development approach is to be used with partner agencies like contractors and the clients in a project environment .

 Management Development

In addition to institutionalization, Consulting Connoisseurs also provide short-term interventions to enhance the competencies of management personnel in various companies to achieve specific targets. We have three approaches to do this.

 Traditional Training

Traditionally, development has been associated with training. A training program is more of instruction to help make a person more efficient in his profession. The focus of these programs is, therefore, on developing new skills and educating personnel for new concepts in the industry. Hence, the efficacy and the returns are limited by (a)the ability of the individual to apply the concept for his given situation and (b)the amount of time the individual has to understand and work towards implementing new concepts.

 Transformational Approach

The transformation approach helps companies identify with application of knowledge in addition to just 'teaching and learning' as in traditional training. In the transformation approach, the idea is to understand change and to get a handle of how to manage the knowledge from a change perspective for the current work conditions in a company.

 Target Change Programs

A Target Change Program focuses on the Business Drivers behind Development. Unlike the transformation program, the Target Change Program creates Transformation Engines within Companies and TRACKS THE BUSINESS OBJECTIVES with the Company Stakeholders. In other words, such a program goes that extra mile to ensure that the transformation process is supported, managed and delivered to meet the desired business objective.