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The Advisory Line-Up of Services

Broadly speaking, these can be clubbed into the faculties of Strategy and Operations. Engagements in Strategy management typically work on areas that are critical to the company in terms of its survival, its ability to prosper under a set of market conditions and the ability to add value to its existing proposition as a business. Engagements in Operations Management, on the other hand, are meant to identify success factors of a company from the operational level.

 Organizing Businesses

These engagements are high in strategy component and revolve around a wide range of topics like formulating strategy, creating strategic roadmaps, sensitive issues around M&As, investment portfolio management, strategic projects, etc. When two or more entities combine, split or re-align themselves, there is an additional element of value realized! Synergy analysis is a powerful tool to help companies decide on the right structure, the right level of interaction and the distribution of organizational responsibility in any corporate environment to help them organize and align with their objectives.

We also help companies plan growth. These could be of several types like organic growth, green field expansions, top-line growth, bottom-line growth, overall profitability growth, resources and quality.

 Technology Strategy

In this context, the technocrat managers at Consulting Connoisseurs provide services that help companies educate themselves about technological alternatives, select technologies by properly identifying issues like which technology is to be used, how it is to be used, when it is to be used, where and who should use it: all to maximize returns and improve operations.

 Business Process Re-engineering

Consulting Connoisseurs are extremely specialized in delivering customized solutions using the techniques of business process re-engineering. While there are multiple ways of performing BPR, Consulting Connoisseurs excel in demonstrating the solution and guaranteeing the results to any business situation.

Some of the past assignments of our consultants, especially Mr. Gurjar, included improvements in productivity by over 300%. Many of these cases have received global recognition and have been published internationally.

 Developing Transparence

Consulting Connoisseurs provide services to help companies understand their strategy and operations very clearly. Typically, these are done through assessments or management audits using a unique Value Network Modeling Methodology.