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Introducing Consulting Connoisseurs!

Consulting Connoisseurs, an IIT Alumnus founded Management Consulting Company, specializes in the state-of-the-art delivery methods of modeling and simulations in addition to conventional delivery methods across the spectrum of strategic to operational challenges in a wide variety of organizations. Our delivery is based on leveraging the phenomenon of convergence, especially in the landscape of management, technology, business sciences and the frontiers of information sciences that make it a unique sphere of delivery.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals from premier institutes across the globe like IITs, NITIE, UniSA, WIPO, etc. who are focused on delivering to the client's business success. Our team includes MBAs, Engineers, CAs, Doctors and Lawyers that make us a one-stop single-window solution provider for our client's consulting and solutioning needs.

We are in the business of transformation! In other words, unlike other players, our delivery works towards achieving objectives. And this can only be done by a successful implementation. Our business model is based on demonstrating our client's potential through business-appropriate transformations.

We are empaneled lean management consultants with MSME, Government of India for blanket transformation services in lean management and cluster development. Our Forte lies in developing customized solutions i.e., non-stereotyped solutions that enable clients to optimize and realize their potentials, their strengths and their productive assets by (re)organizing their businesses and processes. We base our solutions on robust business models; and when required, simulating and providing results that guarantee to transform businesses to be more efficient, more effective & better performing.

Our Founder

IIT Alumnus, a gold medallist MBA from NITIE, a Masters in IPR Law and much more...
Rotarian N. S. Gurjar
is the founder, and heads our organization.

To learn more about him, click here

Value Proposition

We are the only company that provide guaranteed solutions to our clients! Surprised? Don't be...

And if that weren't good enough, you are one of us! We believe in never falling short, and have unique value propositions that will take care of our clients in the better-than-the-best way. Yes, you heard us right. There is more to offer than just a guarantee!

Read more of our unique propositions here.

Systems Thinking: Our Tool

Are you driving or being driven in this competitive world? Well, thats the question you need to ask yourself today.

Today's world is a complex one! And Systems Thinking is one of the few methods available to help us around the complexity to get to where we want to be in business.

Read more about Systems Thinking, the pillar of modeling and simulation here.