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Our Value Propositions

Six Reasons on How and Why we give More!

Our confidence in our vehicles and mechanisms of delivery have enabled us to provide more for our clients.

Thats right! And this is reflected in our combination of value propositions that are unique and make every engagement a risk-free proposition for our clients.

Interested to know more?

Here are the details.

Consulting Connoisseurs brings you the best-in-the-class services that are based on the foundations of our distinct value propositions that just go beyond the realms of competition:

 1. Guaranteed Results

We are the only consulting company that gives our clients a guarantee, making the engagement a no-risk proposition and we have absolutely no problems in writing that in our agreements!

 2. Unique Sphere of Delivery

As pioneers in Systems Thinking based management consulting in India, we have our proprietary and innovative models that cover the entire spectrum of strategy-to-operations in one single framework! That's right, we are unique in providing a single, customized and comprehensive solution that avoids the pitfalls of the traditional piece-meal approaches.

 3. Government Empanelled Agency

As we are empanelled for government projects, we can assist clients with government-related projects for availing grants, schemes and other support instruments to ensure success. This way, our clients get a better service that helps them leverage on their resources in a much better and stronger way.

 4. Flexible Engagement Methodology

Since we understand that one-shoe-doesn't-fit-all, we have our own innovative and customized engagement methodologies to suite clients' needs and optimize costs and deliver results. Unlike traditional consulting methodologies, our engagement philosophy exhibits a very tight control to ensure the best delivery vehicle operates for the client's needs.

 5. Highly Specialized Expertise

In addition to the conventional functions, we also have a range of specialized interdisciplinary skill-sets that interface between functions (like Research & Development, Public Private Partnerships, Supply Chain Management, Simulation Methods, etc.) and help us 'beat the convention'.

 6. Unmatched Payback Criteria

Our company offers an unmatched payback criteria for all our engagements. Our advisory engagements have a payback of less than two years while our transformation engagements have a payback of less than three years as a blanked criteria. Most clients achieve their break-even within a year!