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By Life Cycle Stage

We also have special services across lifecycles!

While every company would like to be a cash-cow and stay that way, it is imperative that they go through the stages of the lifecycle before they reach there.

And therefore, we have solutions that work across the business life cycle of every company. This helps companies understand our core as well as our auxiliary services better.

 Inception Services

Starting a business is often a tricky game. Our start-up services provide for a solid foundation to business through various tools like business planning, marketing strategy, registration of companies, project financing, setting up of start-up offices, leveraging from governmental schemes and incubators, etc. Our team ensures smooth market entry along with a comprehensive package to setup any new business.

Especially important are for firms that are looking at cross-border expansions and start-up services. We also provide with a brand management solution for start-ups

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 For Companies looking forward to Grow

The first fundamental need of any business is to ensure that it sees a growth in revenues. In other words, have a positive and a definitive market. Our offerings identify this need and help companies identify and define their markets. This elaborate phase begins with the faculties of business planning and moves on to the faculties of business strategy, marketing strategy and finally implementation using the 4 Ps(Products, Promotions, Placement and Price), followed by the operational considerations of branding and promotion

Once the markets are ascertained, the next step is to optimize the overall business model and maximize revenue. This could involve evaluation of mergers, acquisitions, organic growth options, leveraged growth options, focused realignment, outsourcing/divestment or other strategic options. The next step involves the optimization of these steps to ensure a better handle on profitability

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 For Loss-Making Companies

We offer turn-around consulting services for companies that were once profitable and are now running in losses. We assist such companies in re-aligning themselves and restructuring their overall organization. We also help them walk-the-path and regain their status of being profitable.

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