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By company sizes too, we have our exclusive offerings

Even a tiny droplet can cause far-reaching ripples on the lake; a business is, but, the lake itself!
-- Nikhil S. Gurjar, Founder

That's right, ours is a simple philosophy that helps companies of different sizes realize these ripples through not only from conventional methods, but also from leveraged strategies

 For Micro Enterprises

We have a uniquely tailored set of solutions for the Micro-Enterprises: The One-Man Armies. Our cost-effective solutions are based on augmenting their management infrastructure, organizing their businesses and ensuring that they have enhanced marketing and delivery skills for their businesses. Rather than an extensive consulting engagement, we have a unique methodology to provide them with intense and effective meeting sessions to provide them with the required inputs and support them to perform better.

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 For Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises

As a MSME stakeholder, you will find Consulting Connoisseurs to be your ideal partner as we focus on two simple success factors that are important for your businesses:

Lets uncomplicate!
MSMEs need to leverage on their ability to keep their systems simple and focused on their tasks. Our solutions are based on the principles of business, and they help transform their businesses by innovative approaches that simplify and deliver results to the business needs. Our tools demonstrate these approaches to clearly help clients understand and adapt to the changing needs of their businesses.

CC Quick Solutions:
We believe that solutions need to be given quickly. Hence, our Quick Frameworks actually help companies accelerate their orientation without incurring too much of time and costs for the engagement.

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 For Large-Scale Enterprises and Corporates

Please refer to the Business Verticals here for consulting expertise. For developmental and transformational services, please connect with us here