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Information Technology

Information Technology and IT enabled services is targeted to reach $300 billion by 2020.

IT service Industry is looking at moving towards a non-linear model from linear one to stay competitive and stay ahead in driving digital transformation of Fortune 500 organization leveraging on SMAC services. The challenges include dysfunctional policies in growing markets, a lack of project management skills at a corporate level and delayed payments at the business level.

Current Thinking

 Agile Project Management

Processes have been deciding the agility of software development and delivery and has evolved from traditional waterfall adopted from Brick & Mortar to Iterative Development to current Agile development.

With advent of Web based technology in last decade, Business defined clearly the requirement based on existing Brick and Mortar and IT was doing things rightly, now Business expects IT to partner in doing right things hence adaptive processes are need for the hour over standard processes to deliver needed business value. This new philosophy is becoming increasingly popularized through a methodology called Agile Project Management.

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 Voice Seminar on IT

An eye opening Seminar that provides the listeners with the perspectives in the business cycles of the software industry and how things are changing in this dynamic sector. A must read for every Software Professional, Strategy Professional and Corporate Leader

 IT and Law

This is a research paper that touches on the aspects of how the legal developments are affecting the strategies at IT companies. An interesting read for those who handle strategic profiles in IT companies.