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Advanced Technologies

Accounting for around 33% of the product costs, advanced technologies are also the backbone of our country's economy and play a decisive role in the balance of trade.

Our services are for businesses and institutions that deal in high-end technologies like robotics, ERP systems, etc..

Advanced Technology is a vertical that spreads across a wide variety of industries; all characterized by a unique product or a process that the company is interested in investing on to improve its intrinsic value. Such companies are often in the technology driven industries, where the product quality and features are fundamental to the success of the business. Therefore, the sector, from a consulting perspective, comprises of the following types of players:

 Product Research & Development Companies

These companies work on core research and development and building their own IP in the technology they are working with. Examples include nuclear technology developers, defense technology companies, robotics design companies, ERP system developers, automation system developers, innovative design labs, product development agencies, etc.

These companies are necessarily engaged with managing the cycles of innovation and the operationalization of their innovative concepts.

 Companies in Importation and Selling of Innovative Technology Products

Companies that are in the importation and trading space often require to understand and optimize their sales profile and their product portfolio. These companies could benefit from our services. There are many companies that provide value adds on imported products by way of system integration or assembly to address the needs of their clients as an implementation service.

 Companies upgrading to Innovative Technologies

Companies that are in the operations phase and are involved in technology upgradation are also agencies that can benefit from our services. These companies usually focus on their businesses and need management support in understanding the nitty-gritty elements of the management and implementation of innovative technologies.