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The largest spending agency in any country, the government has the unique advantage of being both the regulator as well as the implementer at the same time. In phases of recession, it is the government that is looked upon to give momentum to the economy and set it back in motion.

The change in the roles and the transformations in the global economies have highlighted the need of newer strategies in governance models.

Current Thinking

 The Nuclear Juggernaut

A good read for the Energy Sector professionals, this article talks about how the regulatory framework needs to be adapted to ensure that India is on the right path to progress.

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Public Private Partnerships

Following our engagements in Maldives to optimize a PPP-based Project and subsequent involvement in other PPP modes in India, we are now developing a model to predict the success of any PPP contract. Thats right, for the first time, will we be able to predict the potential problems and the success expected from a PPP mode of partnering. Consulting Connoisseurs is doing this research jointly with a faculty at IIT Bombay, India's premier educational institution.

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An Interesting Case Study on Alternative Strategies for the Government

Evaluation of the current situation and the potential from resolving the warranty issue

Results as reported in the Newspaper

It is observed that any downtime of buses severely impacts the profitability of the overall operations. At the time this engagement was undertaken, almost 25 buses were down due to warranty related issues that needed resolution from the manufacturer. They affect, therefore, the operational drivers of bus design (bus inflow driver) and the process design (turnaround time driver)

Warranty issues in current buses need to be controlled by way of quick resolution of issues. A responsive mechanism needs to be put in place to address the speedy resolution of these issues and ensure minimum damage due to downtime.

On a long-term basis, it is highly recommended that the bus design is again ratified by an external consultant who can evaluate the probabilities of specific (past) warranty issues that are peculiar to the conditions of operations at NMMT. Procurement of buses should include an additional check by the external agency to mitigate the risk. Our evaluation indicated a huge saving potential as shown in the figure.

Our proposed approach found sync with the officials and they implemented a fast-track implementation. Needless to say, this gave them quick dividends as reported.

This engagement included a high-level modeling and simulation application.