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Improper management of construction projects is identified as the most significant reason for time and cost overruns in projects worldwide. It is reported that around 81% of projects run behind schedule! And around 42% of projects have significant cost overruns.

The basic problem of traditional construction management is the inadequacy to understand the multiplicity of issues in the business context.

Current Thinking

 Innovative Project Management Using a Biological Model

Large scale projects, especially greenfield ones, often need a blend of different management philosophies to ensure the right balance of management control and 'fast-tracking'. This is easier said than done due to the presence of concurrent phases of conceptualization and development, new teams and diverse nature and sources of information. Read more on the innovative solution for such situations in this white paper. A must read for PMP aspirants and Project Managers.

Click here to download the whitepaper.

 The 'Real' Challenges of Real Estate

The Real Estate Sector, a crucial driver of the long-term monetary system, is often plagued with challenges. This article looks at the entire spectrum of the real estate industry and identifies the drivers of profitability for real estate companies. A must read for Real Estate, Construction Professionals and PMP aspirants as well as Project Managers.

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 How 'Risky' is your Risk Management?

One of the most popular compilations and one of the most referred compilations on Risk Management ever made. A must read for every MBA student, Strategy Professional, Risk Management Practitioner and Corporate Leader.

Click here to download the whitepaper.